world’s an addiction lyrics – anthony hamilton

lies… and the pain, betrayal… life

endargered sp*ce, look what your facing,
gave your heart away, and all the remedies couldn’t’ ease the pain
all the hurt and betrayal, need to get away
in a world so cold, you gained the light just to lose your soul
never thinking twice about what the future holds
all the lies and the gains i was fighting for

the world is an addiction, serving up our fix
the world is an addiction, where do i fit?

nitches and rapists in the street, crime to the fullest
asking n*gg*s if they got any extra nine bullets
they deny me that, they know the bullets they loan me
be the same ones that probably had them lying flat stretched out
letter t
it’s better to dead a beef than let it breathe
then we don’t succeed
cause then you gotta murder dummies
waste your time, they allergic to money
i’m never squirmish to blood
we can thug and get out of hand, what’s the options?
only conclusion is shooting, bullets popping, hoodlums dropping
fear any day that the feds will come knocking
was young and nervous, asking myself what’s the purpose
in the back of a paddy wagon, bracelets aching me
pigs ignoring, i’m asking what precinct they taking me
these cops can’t relate to me, death to prison, empty vacancy

the worlds an addiction serving up a fix
the worlds an addiction way too much for me

thou shall not be selfish, real n*gg* commandments,
know a billionaire he has everything but a fam guess
how angry this man gets, had so many bad chicks in his bed,
strange s*x, same s*x, has addictions that are s*d*stic
chain of events, habits, he puts cocaine on his pr*ck and acts sick,
self esteem needs boosting alcohol consumption,
nicatine fushion, some athletes juicing.
pastors quote biblical chapters soft
and along he’s into b**st**lity p*rn, and it’s wrong,
so i keep the cali weed in the bong,
and im strong, but the female anatomy got me sprung
and these women need shoes and baddest cars and condos,
fine clothes, and these fiends needs to get high, so they find doe,
to mainline dope, and yall know

the worlds an addiction, serving up a fix
the worlds an addiction, way too much for me

so many vices, habits; mine of course, bad chicks
my response to any advice on what is the essentials of life
i’m just rebellious, not selfish
guess we all share different definitions of what wealth is
i need the best things in life — that’s women, that’s cars
cigars in venice, bottle on ice, that’s priceless
the other night, just in the emergency room
a patient said she needs to see a doctor soon
doctor busy operating on a lady who’s sedated
he can barely concentrate, cause he’s newly separated
his estranged wife likes entertaining her acquaintance
in the house they were married in, mad people waiting
some young some old, heads and stomachs aching
filling out an application, cause they only medication
but the doctor need love or a quick vacation, calling up his travel agent
same time, premedidating murdering his ex wife
life, savage ain’t it
some need xanax, just to maintain it
we all need faith cause the world keep changing
let go of the illusion, start some restraining

just hold on (just hold on)
just hold on (just hold on)
just hold on (just hold on)
just hold on (just hold on)
just hold on (just hold on)
just hold on (just hold on)
just hold on (just hold on)

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