worthless offer lyrics – a past unknown

how long will this happen? we are wrecked, turning to
idols to satisfy the hunger only you can fill. worthless,
our attempts to
find comfort in the emptiness of this world. they choke
us out thinking we
will find it, pour more salt into the wound. this won’t
be my end, i have
just begun to know what it means to live, forget this, i
am done with
emptiness. there is more than what this world will tell
us to live for,
the cares and the burdens will no longer be concern. i
will leave
everything and watch it melt away with greater purpose
than self
sufficient therapy. i will not go quietly, too long we
have listened to
the lies that only drag us down, they choke us out until
we die, i will
never die like the rest who get swallowed alive. i will
never die.

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