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closed casket
would you die 4 me

“original style, original bad boy style, hear me”

i know a freak, i used to put my mack down on her
i used to b*n*r her, make the other n*gg*z want her
so mona, that was the trick name
she’s a sick dame, cold caught up in the d*ck game
i’m not a wimp, never simp like a simp
i’m a pimp with the limp so i pimp, put my mack down
much juice, used to f*ck her back in nine-duece
her moms was crackin, my bank was stackin
i’m mackin, ain’t no slackin i’m cadillacin
no love for this ho cause this pimp stayed solo
she jockin 24/7 it’s hard to shake her off
some poppa his brother so i’ma break her off
she had a bad habit of sayin she loved me
if i was broke she wouldn’t be thinkin of me
i said f*ck it baby must be sellin stress
and i ain’t with the stress she got the slug in the chest
she tried to get her p*ssy wet with the skins
but that ain’t how i’m layin with the state of mind i’m in
i had to run a check on this hoe
and then let me see, if the b*tch’ll die for me

once upon a time
once once upon a time
once once upon a time
once once upon a time

lesson 1:
that girl in the blue dress
opened my mouth and i tasted a woman for the first time

i said i wanna hoe that’ll give me the world
don’t try to juice me up like i was a jheri curl
i got no f*ckin time for your little sillyness
either you down or you ain’t really ness
i need a b*tch that’ll die for a n*gg*
that’ll cry for a n*gg*, that don’t like to a n*gg*
she said she loved me and she never wanna let me go
i said back up off these nuts and don’t sweat me ho
i don’t really think you know what you in for
i ain’t your ordinary n*gg* from the ghetto
i never loved, never liked
i treat a hoe like a dyk*, until she get my game down right
she shed a tear and said she never wanna let me leave
and there ain’t nothin that can come between you and me
i said nothin till death do us part
well if this n*gg*z truly in your heart, would you die for me?


lesson 2: they never loved you
they never loved you
they never loved you, you were just a toy

a couple months went past and now we rollin real
and i gots my trick like david copperfield
but my tricks gettin sick in the mornin
growin up and blowin up
i told this b*tch, yo, somethins gotta go
i had to inform her like that white boy snow
she said what you want me to do? you know he needs us
i said jesus, told me to kill the fetus
and if you got any problems wit it
you can leave it outside and let the garbage man come and get it
i left the room a, i heard a boom
she shot herself in the stomach, i start to vomit
she fell to her knees all bl**dy
bleedin nutty, hoe buddy
she said look at what you made me do
i love you man, and i’d die for you


“i’ve been asked after witnessing this god-awful
misery for the last 17 years if i’ve finally gotten
used to this. used to this after the human being
eyes, and ears, and heart, get used to this.”

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