wounds lyrics – 98 mute

paranoid am i an android a checker in a game of chess
out of place i’m from outer sp*ce better than being a p*wn i guess
i am deep in thought but not having any deep thought i am frayed
always beg to differ but never make a difference it’s not ok

why does this feel so empty
why do i feel so numb
why do the days all seem to come undone

gladly i sit with boo radley even he speaks in tongues to me
the cupboards bare why do i even care the entire worlds greek to me
i will play along but i’m longing to be played out i’m afraid
i am lonely even when i’m not alone in disarray

not asking for a handout
not asking for rewards
i know there must be something more
something more

pseudo panacea this wound won’t heal
a faux antiserum this wound will never heal
anti antiseptic this cut wont f*cking heal
i have a hole in my soul a hole that needs filled

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