wrath of the fallen gods lyrics – decades of despair

automatons of astral machinery
working in a silent dim
the tremors with the loudness
of a thousand mountains

from every chasm and digging through the gorge
comes shrieking the wrawl of the mount
orders from above are enlivening the grounds
awakening the beast from the fables

beyond the fainting frustration
the lights of denial are fading aside
the swivet replaces the lack of limpidity
and the weep of the progeny sighs

war from the summit of stars
surrending the forces obstructing the skylines
feathers of deluges
a celestial wrath imbuing inside

rise from the breathers
from the crawlers
straining all morsels of subsisting cores
conveying the whispers of a dismal close

rise from achondrites
from the bawlder
draining all parcels of subsisting ache
bringing death and distress in it’s wake

howling winds lead it to the northern gates
seal the cycle’s flaw for ever more

devastation through abhorrent misshapen
from the shallows of slough they march
to encounter and trample
the unholy forsaken and sinful forby

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