ww iii lyrics – kmfdm

i declare war on the world
war in outer sp*ce
i declare war in a nutsh*ll
war all over the place

i declare war on every government
war against all odds
i declare war on your inner sanctum
on your bloodthirsty gods

war on the axis of morons
all out war on complacent consent
i declare war on the war against drugs
rape and slaughter of the innocent

war on big brother
warmongers and profiteers
war on your dogma dubya
armageddon’s engineers

war in a heartbeat
i declare war on so-called civilization
world trade globalization
organized desinformation

war on amb*ssadors of pretense
war on mtv and ccn
macdonald’s walt disney and bethlehem
on christina britney and eminem

i declare war on the world of anti-choice
on violent unilaterality
on the am*ssment of murderous high-tech toys
and all crimes against humanity

war on the moral majority
on corporate.com imperialism
on mindlessly b*mbling stupidity
and police-state terrorism

worldwar three – be all that you can be

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