you ain’t seen nothing yet lyrics – dead & divine

this is a lot like sleeping with alluring shotguns, and a lot like kissing fingers crossed.
did doing what you did make you feel important?
or was it just another worthwhile reason to spread your legs.
i think i’m in love with you baby. or at least i love to think so?
it’s on nights like these that heads will roll, and we will feel. feelings like we’ve never felt before.
tonight will signify everything i’ve eradicated, i hope to leave you shaking.
so i’ll face this apathetic crowd. i’m unarmed, but i’m ready to fire. yeah!
i’ve loaded up on ambition, and i’ve got myself a good/pure soul.
it’s simply just the s*x that’s killing me. you’re killing me.
can’t you see it? coward, i won’t lie when i say. i’ve always found you weak.
i won’t stop until your by my side. counting down the seconds until our ribs collide.

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