you can’t be my girl lyrics – darwin deez

d*mn, what drugs aren’t you on?
and can i come along?
you’re wasted and stoned when
i am sober as a marble
i think i love you are horrible x2

y.c.b.m.g. x 3

fishing for your lipstick
you found your cigarettes
you’re hacking up the wrapping
as we sit on rotten steps

you’re crazy and you show it off
dear, you’re slurring gorbachev
but you insist on discussing him
you’re so wrong but somehow you win
so wrong to kiss you when

y.c.b.m.g. x 3

you’re sweet but you’re messed up
your best friend is a red cup
you’re obviously not the one
but you remind me life can be fun


y.c.b.m.g. x 3

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