you got the blues not me lyrics – david lee roth

you got the blues, not me

well i’m tired of been a fool
and my mind goes hot to cool
and i’m try’n to conform to other’s ideas
and somebody else’s rules
the life i’m livin’ ain’t mine
i’m supposed to feel that’s fine
i didn’t make the world i’m livin’ in
ah- i ain’t gonna tow the line

i’m tired of tryin’ to be someone i know ain’t me
i’m tired of livin’ up to what people expect me to be
you know some people are different, now ain’t that a cryin’ shame
now wouldn’t it be a real drag if we were all the same?
and i’m not gonna’ try to please
eyes that just don’t see
if i get myself together

well, you’ll have the blues, not me

wow, go- go- here we go-
ah-wow- yeh

you’ll have the blues not me (4x’s)
not me baby

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