you made me gay lyrics – gravy train

you made me gay

i got somethin’ to say! (what?)
i’m kinda gay! (yeah?)
i like to get paid and have s*x for days (no!)
so listen up ladies
i like guyz and hate babies
if you get me real drunk
i’ll go for the junk in the trunk
you want me bigtime, i only want you minitime
but then i see matt dillon and i want it hugetime!
you open up your lips and try to seal my doom
so i make a beeline straight to the menz room

i thought you were cute
i thought your *ss was fine
but then i took down your pants
and i said “never mind!”

don’t even try to play me b*tch
don’t even try to front
you think that you want dong
but i know you want wet c*nt
and there you go
bein’ all sick
are you stupid, girl?
of course i want the d*ck!

stop lyin’, ho!
you know that you want it!
no i don’t!

yes you do! just admit it! admit it!
you made me gay, girl, you made me gay, girl!

are you gay?
haaaay, you made me gay.

i thought you liked it that way!
naw, b*tch, i’m gay!

i thought you liked it that way!
no, ho, i’m f*cking gay!
you made me gay, girl, you made me gay, girl

you ain’t gay
haaaay, you made me gay.
stop!…jockin’ me girl
why can’t you see?
there’s a million guys
that are dyin’ to screw me

i see how it is hunx
i don’t give you a bona
when i’m through with your *ss
it will be in a coma
you have the *ss
you have the t*tty
but there’s somethin’ in my pants
that makes me wanna go to the sh*tty city

but menz ain’t got no p*ssy
they ain’t got no v*g*n*
i’m through with you gay boyz
drop outta mankind-a!
you got willy wonka up in your underwear
and i like honey cuz i’m a little bear

well i only pursued you cuz i heard that you had girth
but now i wish yo silly momma had never given birth
go gay, girl, it’s so much better
i like the cheese, yeah, i like the cheddar

your c*ck ain’t nuthin’ anyway i’d rather suck a dog off
and i’ll just use a cuc*mber to get my f*cking rocks off
there’s so many girls and there’s so many guys
it’s hard to decide, when i like chicken thighs

you’re missing out on hot *ss humps cus i spread legs like anthrax
and kenny g type bl*wj*bz cuz i play a mean skin sax

for today go ahead and do me that way
but i made up my mind, silly ho, i’m gay!

well maybe i should change my ways and stick to only ladies
cuz i hate sh*tty menz and i don’t want sh*tty babies.

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