you must’ve been something before electricity lyrics – igniting the sky

you make your grand entrance
the nightmare starts
every time i am plagued with your thoughts
fire up your memory
i’ll tie the ropes
you pull the strings
relive the night
you took from me
it’s every night i dream

h*llo, nightmare, watch me fight for life
all i know, all i know
it’s all falling apart
can you please come scratch out both my eyes?
when i look, when i look
i’m still finding new scars

let me go
take my heart
you got what you wanted
please just go
i will play the victim
if you’ll just let me be
but i bet you’ll play the killer
tonight for one more dream

just sing your lullaby
let’s get this over with tonight
paint me with your memory again in progression’s name
hand me back my chains
let’s watch the mistakes i have made
tell me nothing’s changed and promise me i am still the

oh, it was never in the plan to wake
but at least you could have told me

my body’s on the floor
it’s clear it’s your time now
i swear if i get one more shot on you
just one more shot on you
just wait ’til i can move
i swear that i will not forget this day

/ igniting the sky lyrics