you suck my life lyrics – black tequila

my sky becomes empty
’cause you took away my sun
i guess you’ve got an advantage over me
’cause you are twenty-one
my clothes they are changing
they turn from white to black
your life it is so pretty
when i’ll kick you from the edge

you suck my life and
now i’m less of blood
strapping strings around your neck
and pull you through the mudd
you painted my entired world
i’ve got nothing to make i tclean
someday i’m sure it’ll comes to light
your f*cking inability

f*ck yourself is something you should introduce again
*sshole is an insult that discribes you not enough man
legislature?…i don’t care…when i lam into you
killing of is a verb you provoke uncounsisly
odontology is a field you’ll stand up in need of bitterly

this behaviour have to cease
hey just tell me how to do
my hate is bigger than the rest of the world
and i am a loon
but that’s nothing compared with you
my lips getting a smile
i’ll make you suffer and it’ll be worth
be worth all the while

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