you walked away lyrics – antichrisis

of all the ways to leave a lover
we chose the worst one, i bet
no chance to hide or run for cover
*ss*ssinated instead

taking the wrong turn, we’re too far gone
now that our blue turns to grey
i brought the strings and you played a last song
then i took the train the next day

when you called me on the phone
said you gotta be on your own
but i still thought i’d be coming home

we went for a walk in the evening twilight
just like we did it before
making plans for a future so bright
unwary on that score

waiting for hours at the railway station
lighting a candle for you
but while listening to your explanation
i realize that we’re through

the two dragons on the wall have gone
the heart-shaped picture that he’d drawn
back in the wasteland of a dawn

so long ago in kernow on a full moon’s night
a promise made under the silver starlight…

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