you were my world lyrics – messy marv

[verse 1:]
i use 2 cook and n*gg* clean 4 you
jump on the plane and touched down with the cream 4 u

i could of been scandelous but i came back with all the bread
i held you down when them n*gg*s was tryin to bust you head

n*gg* my mama put up the house to get you outta jail
and wen the feds hit n*gg* i didint even tell

n you out trickin wit this b*tch sleepin in my bed
giving her all my d*ck n*gg* n all my head

how could you do me like dat i’ma boss b*tch
i took you shopping bought you brand new outfits

u say u ballin but wen you broke you wanna call me
i’ma dog yo punk *ss like you dog me

[verse 2:]
lets be wit the chit-chat love i’ma pimp
so what now you wanna leave belongs 2 a blimp

wen i c*m thru you always talkin bout this otha b*tch
first things first lets talk about dis otha sh*t

i bought you all da cavollies and da boots 2 match
dats a big step 4rm big lots and tj maxx

i bang dis ckick-clack gang baby i’ma g
dont worry bout where i’m going or where i’ma be

sen birds 2 days i run thru dat
i’ma top hat girl i thought you knew dat

y when my fone ring you always wit the who dat
den call an be wit the n*gg* where you at
(man fuk dis)

[verse 3:]
i’ma queen i held you down n*gg*
when you fell i picked yo *ss up off da ground n*gg*

i should of left yo *ss a million times you know you wrong
dea say you dont miss a good thing until it’s gone

all yo homies tried to f*ck me n*gg* behind yo back
i could of been nieve but i got to much cl*ss 4 dat

now you *ss comin home smellin like anotha b*tch
pull yo pants down n*gg* let me smell yo d*ck

how could you do me like dat ima real lady
a real n*gg* gon pick up where you left off baby

u say u ballin but wen you broke you wanna call me
ima dog yo punk *ss like you dog me

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