you & you lyrics – ulrik munther

i just wanna love you baby
i just wanna be with you
now you say your girlfriend like me
baby now i love her to
each morning, day and night
i do my best but
baby i can’t help that
(i love her to)
i just wanna love you baby
jessica and scarlett too
and i think rihanna wants me
telling from the way she moves
she makes me feel like i’m
the only guy in
and i just can’t fight it
i love her too

i’m loving you and you and you
the way you dance
the way you move
i’m going crazy what to do?
i’m coming through
i’m coming through

i just wanna touch you baby
falling to a mad desire
think my teacher loves me
telling from her ways of fire
(she made me touch myself)
is that bad karma?
i better call my mama
i love you too


now and then i take the train the wrong direction
i sing a song out loud
pray for your attention
i leave the tv on as treat for my obsessions
people longest stay here in your presence

i’m loving you and you and you
i’m going crazy loving you


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