your angel died lyrics – immolation

angel of beauty
angel of the spirit
come down and walk among us
let the spirit die within you
shed your ties to god
shed your holy grace
come down and walk among us
be tempted b the flesh

denounce he who keeps you
turn away from his light
let your eyes feast upon
the debauchery that awaits
indulge in your desires
taste the fruits of sin
angel of the spirit
become one of the flesh

i will tempt you
child of light
show your weakness
child of god

revolted by it’s weakness
so easily corrupted
let us plague you with perversion
you’ve become what you abhor< no longer will you know the raptures of the heavens but instead what you will see is the sickness of the worldtaste the sweetness of the flesh let it feed our vestal needs taste the sweetness of desire your wings will burn and turn to dust the flesh is crude, this flesh is evil forever banished to flesh and blood abandon he who commands the light forsake the holy spirityou will feel the charms of l*st know the pain of loss envy what's not yours and covet with selfish greed now flesh of my flesh open to my hunger permeate your pureness with the corrupted seen of humanityi will tempt you child of light show your weakness child of sin

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