your world customer lyrics – fatima mansions

in the bright-lit railway station, 3 a.m.
in a town whose active life is at an end
i was met by a rich man dressed in a panda fur
who said, “if i can keep smiling i can change the world.”
what world?

“lord straight banana, lord paper twine,
lord biting yo-yo, they’re all friends of mine.
lord trannie dolequeue, lord private zoo,
lord hanging bishop and lord valium, too.”

“i know you think you have a job
but the whole world knows it’s ended.
why do you laugh at the dying of the senile god
on whom your devilish life depended?”

shop-soiled and broken
in a part not clearly seen
you’ll have no armegeddon, no more screams
pleasant dreams…

your world, your world, your world customer
your world, your world, your world, your world

i said, “i’m sure your faith in what you cannot see
has made your slumbers sounder but it won’t work for me.
i am sick of fresh starts, of the promises i’ve heard
from my lips and others of a brighter world.”

“now i’m a punchdrunk sailor who cannot picture land,
an exhausted atom in a grain of sand.
they who can’t be frozen like a teenage corpse
must be isolated and tied up in knots.”

fake chrome and a lick of paint
and a change of name announced
by some menswear dummy turned messenger
of a master whose name he cannot pr*nounce
you feast on bargain-bas*m*nt dregs
get your self-delusions off the well-worn peg
no new hierarchy, female or male
no santa, elvis or holy grail

shop-soiled and clueless, too indebted to inspect
what both feeds and defets you–no respect
i’m beaten, but i still reject
this world, just like a sentence
without crime or guilt or sin
so give the panda back his skin
and give the berries back their gin–chorus

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