you’re not so different lyrics – odd crew

with hatred setting your eyes on the world
pain’s all that has remained
hearing the bell toll once more fading
for what you kept your faith
no one set you free, no one let you be
no one has made you the chosen one

to you faith has been so wrong
this is all you ramble on

none yet has been so undue as you are
you’re so misunderstood
leaving the pity rotting inside
dissolving what you’ve left
no one felt your pain, no one bore your chain
no one has been so betrayed as you are

to you faith has been so wrong
i still hear you rambling on

through all your life,
you’ve convinced yourself that you’re better alone and
you’ve set to…

taking the worst of life

you stand there alone, you’re not so different, way
than me
sayin’ you’ve suffered it all, you’re not so different,
in all

through all of your pathetic life
you blamed faith for being wrong
not seeing it’s all been you

you’re not so different

you’re better alone

/ odd crew lyrics