youth’s gone thrashin’ lyrics – die!

eating some junk food,drinking a coke
grabbing my deck and i’m ready to go!
out with my friends,doing silly things
laughing and riding,it’s my youth in the “scene”
coming back late,tired to death
been to a show and skated all night
that’s the good life,the best i can get
i have no remorse,i have no regrets!

don’t give a f*ck about your boredom
what we call hardcore is also about fun!
the message is important and the fun is too
i’m a youngster what am i gonna do?!

watching “ban-this”,still doin’ old tricks
trying to repeat what i’ve see on the screen
germs in my stereo,or jfa…..
skateboard and punk what else can i say?
my…youth…my…my youth’s gone thrashin’!

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