ziplock lyrics – ice-t

once again i’m back in the place to be
the i, the c, the e, the t
i’ll never get a grammy, so f*ck the g
all i need is crowd, and my m-i-c
got a gangster *ss dj named evil e
my record label’s called warner b
william morris is my agency
i’ll never go broke, i got property
got a dope pitbull named felony
got four gold alb*ms
so what you tell’n me?
power was two, iceberg was three
this one here shipped five hundred g
now when i roll, i roll stupid deep
benz’s, bemers, and boomin’ jeeps
i’m always strapped
cause my money i keep
you move on the ice
and you’re goin’ to sleep
but when you see me
walkin’ down the street
you say, “what’s up ice?”
and i say, “peace!”
you give me a dap, i give you one back
cause i ain’t souped
so forget about that
we might take pictures
sign n utograph
kick a little flavor
have some fun and laugh
but step to me wrong
you might get shot
and wind up lookin’ out a ziplock!!!

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