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18 lyrics – mobytherapper

uh, check it

[verse 1]
get it popping, shouts out to cousin w-lly
dreamchasing cause my mills meek down in philly
do you even you know the deally?
all you hating hittas silly
you rappers cheesin, must be some dairy kings
to all yall hatin, get up off my dingaling
sky’s the limit, never falling thanks to atlas
i’m the mad hatter, better go and get alice
go back to the palace
call up artest, boy bout to have a malice
8 man like i’m kobe boy
get off my back, you don’t even know me boy
say you better than me, huh? show me boy
mg, that’s mobygang
two letters know the name
you and i don’t think the same
all you people think i’m lame
cause i don’t have a fake chain

i gotta few more things to talk about
hold up, uh hold up

[verse 2]
dang, it’s 2017
and all you people talking smack, you bout as soft as ice cream
yo samuel, please stop talking bout me
unless you messing with the music then don’t talk about me
that go for anyone else too, yes boo
y’all ain’t hard bro, get a clue
shout out to yachty, ain’t no one can stop me
got em suiciding just like a kamikaze
my main goal is to collect all the cream
and i’m living pipe dreams
life like a movie scene
so much action, but we cut the hittas
and we blasting off, like a gun trigga
quit talking like you know about me
peace out y’all i’m outie
uh, yo check it

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