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2 sick 4 u lyrics – yung boy & yung rich swizzle


[verse 1: yung boy]
kylie jenner gold, diamond on my gold, f-ck a b-tch, she ain’t old
hey, i got iphone bezels, b-tch i got iphone bezels
bold with the gold on my beanie now
f-ck a young b-tch, yeah she look like a genie now
yeah, cause she staying blue of the dro
smoking in the back and i’m f-cking on your hoe
everybody recognizes 360 wrist gang
f-ck around with your ugly b-tch, mane
me and yrs just bought a baseball team
i don’t watch that sh-t, b-tch, f-ck your dreams
i pull out the strap, pull out the strap, pull out the strap
remembering the fact that he’s from bt and i’m from ng
we never keep it pg just pg-13, paul george
f-cking a dumb b-tch, f-cking a smart b-tch
f-cking a teacher b-tch, f-ck a judge b-tch
popping a peal, shots getting real
300,000,000 dollars spent on a crib, f-ck what you live in
yeah, we live in a tent if we want
that sh-t still probably got diamond bezels on the front
yeah, i can tell the time on “east wrich”
got a gold on b-tch on each b-tch
yeah the dinosaur hoe came through and i saw her for the first time
then i remembered the day when i spat my f-cking first rhyme
me and yrs, yeah, yeah, we just seen each other pulling up in the same ride
then we laughed and said “oh my god”
i can’t believe we can afford two mclarens, two mclarens, two mclarens, hey ay
and he said “let’s buy a f-cking yacht”, and i said “let’s buy two”
and he said “oh you got hundred million dollars too?”
and i said “what you mean?”, he said he was testing me
i said i was testing him, that’s just our relationship
and then he popped a pill right when i popped a pill
and then he f-cked a b-tch right when i f-cked a b-tch
then we pointed it out to each other at the same time
he’s probably somewhere right now spitting the same rhyme
yeah, b-tch we urban exploring, yeah we whipping the foreign
to the abandoned building, then we see some ghosts inside it
yeah, me and yrs, we just riding, popping another pill inside his ride and
f-cking around with gold -ss b-tches
picking the straps up outta the back up

[verse 2: yung rich swizzle]
bang bang, bang bang, bang bang
brain, brain, you’re a scholar
give the diploma, f-ck you in an aroma of some good -ss kush
b-tches on my nuts, f-cking them in the b-tt
yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup
f-ck her in the -ss so that she can p-ss the cl-ss
me and yung boy went fishing the other day, caught few brown and some b-ss
cl-ss, cl-ss, cl-ss, cl-ss on the b-ss, we went fishing for the b-ss
b-ss, b-ss, b-ss, cl-ss, cl-ss, cl-ss, scholar, scholar, scholar, she gimme brain
she gimme head and she sucks on my tip, f-ck her in the -ss
caught a few bands bands rolling in the sideline
pull out a wraith and i pull out my byn byn, andrew bynum, bynum
didn’t p-ss his final, andrew bynum is a dumb-ss b-tch
i’ll kill him with a stick
rolls royce in my rolex, f-ck a b-tch in my back of my benz
yeah, got too much money, f-ck a b-tch like a monkey, yeah, yeah
yrs and yb in the motherf-cking streets
don’t be out too late tonight, we’ll find your girl alright
[verse 3: yung boy]
yeah, me and yrs, we just f-ck a b-tch in her chest
yeah i gave her the 360 in my bed, pulled out my head, pulled out my rolex
then i said “yeah, yeah”
i’m walking in the streets with the heat
f-ck a b-tch in the middle of the sheet
360 wrist gang on yeet
me and yrs bought a beach, then we bought a beach ball
took it to the motherf-cking crib, hey, she plays with my beach b-lls
then i said “can you leave?”
and then she said i look like a beaver with my teeth
then i said “what the f-ck you talking bout, they clean”
she got the 360 wrist gang mean
i pulled out the stack like a limousine
f-ck a young b-tch while she’s in her 17s
360 wrists on me
720 wrist gang, 360 each wrist
f-ck a young b-tch like she is a east b-tch
pulled the panorama out, it’s a panorama now
f-ck a young b-tch, she black and white like a cow, unless it’s not a black and white cow
then i don’t know what to call her, it don’t matter, i’m a baller
call me kobe bryant, call me dwyane wade
f-ck a young b-tch from the east side, she said “bang bang”
gang gang, 360 bang bang, cocaine in the back of the chain hanging on my cane cane

[verse 4: yung rich swizzle]
too sick for your wrist gang, too sick for you, yeah
too sick for you, oooh
spent 150,000 dollars on my watch, f-cked a b-tch in the back of this watch
yeah, f-cked a b-tch
suck on my d-ck, she sucked on my d-ck
got a gold watch and an iphone 6, gold watch an iphone b-tch itch
yeah, and all that sh-t is what i bought with my 350,000 dollar eye
lost my eye when i was very young, that’s why i got some gum
it wasn’t very fun, f-cked a b-tch in the bun, yum
spend 750 thou on my new gun, my bands worth a f-cking ton
and i’ll shoot you like “boom boom”
too sick for you, we’ll f-ck your b-tch in the caboose
yeaaaaah, yeah, yeah, yeaaaah
spent 300 dollars on my socks, got those socks for your mom
f-cked her in my back room, then i’ll took a tv to your mom’s house
she’s your dad’s spouse, with a house
it’s infested by a mouse, she’s friends with cole sprouse, bounce
f-ck a b-tch, suck a b-tch, f-ck a b-tch, suck a b-tch’s p-ssy
750,000 dollars on my iphone 6s+, yuss
skip cl-ss and after school, sitting on the corner like bool, thinking we’re pretty cool
ooh, cool, school
built a xylophone next to my iphone
texted your b-tch and she said “we’re too sick for you”

[verse 5: yung boy]
too sick for youuuu ahhh
too sick for you, yeah, f-ck a b-tch in her school, yeah
360 wrist gang bool, yeah, hanging in the cooler like we cool, yeah
360 wrist gang shoe, yeah, f-cking with the 350s, ooh, yeah
yeah, we too sick for you, f-ck a young b-tch, you too?
i just f-cked a b-tch in her school, yeah
360 bool, f-ck a young b-tch, then i took her back to school
yeah, too sick for you
yeah, yeah we know the rule
yeah we know the cardinal rule, you gotta f-ck a b-tch
ng, bt

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