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20 lyrics – parvarim refugees – פרברים רפיוג’יז


[בית 1: אלפרבר]
20 years in the mix, copping 20 licks
20 k’s of that sh-t, no seeds, no sticks
b-tches talking dirty like they be on “girl 6”
going on and on and on on how they love these d-cks
some b-tch grabbed my d-ck like it was a piece of candy
that’s exactly where my smacking hand came in handy
sh-t like that, it be happening to me daily
till the day i overdose and oversize like layne staley
rolling c-notes, because i ran out of papers
with my b-lls on your chin, you be chocking on the vapors
there’s a knock on the door, mother f-cking מוקד
pull out my ak, start coughing some lead
i looked down, and the b-tch was choking on my “crem-de-la-crem”
i realized that i never left the s.a.m
n-gg-rs that want you dead, they ain’t never going to quit
that’s why i keep on representing solid שלב א sh-t

[בית 2: מקדדי ג’י]
every where i smoke, b-tches sniffing for my dope
thinking i’m an easy ride and yo, i know i got to choke
on a n-gg-‘s neck, you want to see what i pack?
no use ducking ‘cus i’m straight ratatat…
every time i try to take a step upstream, you fools are cussing
cus you don’t know what i mean but you know that i got it
cuz i make your b-tches scream
take it off, b-tch, come on let me see you work that cream
we got the buddha, baby, you got the phone
if you want to we can f-ck you up all night long
if you’re going play rough, you ain’t going to get stoned
can you dig it?
…we got the buddha, baby, you got the phone
if you want to we can burn it up all night long
just give me the mic, give me the mic, give me the microphone. give me mic, give me the microphone…
[בית 3: גבי]
rasmically, them n-gg-rs spotted on the plane, allegedly when we crashed into the twins. your murder incorporated, i be the new boss. hey i’m in charge of this c-ck. pity on you, now kneel & blow on my c-ck girly… you is the hostage, fe i equals death, if you don’t play by the rules. i was the sucker for the punch back in school, now i is the leader of it all, final call down to apocalypse
1,2 like the wu, p.r crew put them head-belts on you, hey this is my ride. yo, bigidi bin-laden step aside, now available on video, examples of what happens when two worlds collide, shove up fifty gallons of suburban pride. this be more dangerous than what you thought fool, p.r. up in the mother f-cker… what?!

[מקדדי ג’י]
throw your hands up because i know you feel this
everybody wants a piece of perlman’s קסס
he be the one with the ganja, he be the one with the sh-t
roll it up, burn it up, come let me have a taste

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