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2010 nostalgia lyrics – king goon


[verse 1]
this that 2010 nostalgic type sh-t
you should listen and acknowledge my mix
i’ve be balling out in college you b-tch
i ain’t no dropout but i probably wish

i was, i love drugs more than enough
i wanna leave milwaukee just cause
i’ve been fiending to trap wit my plug
out in the su-burbs
i got h-lla wax and some herb
pipe up my girl like a plumber
money counting now my thumb hurts
i’m burning gas like a hummer

that’s so fast like i’m jet
i’m fly like jango yea or boba fett
high in the sky i might never come back
i feel like the soldiers trapped in iraq

i like to whip where the wrist work
fat -ss on my d-ck my chick twerk
f-cking so much now my d-ck hurt
b-tches wit me always want pictures

no snapchat camera girl tell me your story
i stole the rebound like i’m stephen curry
bro we can chill but i’m in a hurry
kick it wit my b-tch cause we never no worries

we got no worries like lil wayne
get high off the gas like novocaine
i thought obama was bringing change
its 2016 still ferda gang

f-ck up commas i pull out a llama
i come to your house and i’m killing yo mama
you know how that sh-t go (whoa whoa)
pop in the clip watch it flow

[verse 1]

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