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2016 freestyle lyrics – g-tee


[verse: g-tee]
you rhyme pathetic b, your rap is bogus
dissin’ me is worse than havin’ diabetic ketoacidosis
it’s fact i burn the pot, stacks, i earn a lot
when it comes to rap you’ll never see me sell out and turnin’ pop
i keep the dank weed in gl-ss jars
i leave fools with fat scars, i flow fast on tracks like nascars
i hustle and stack money, i’m dope at rap sonny
think you better than g-tee? you mad funny
won’t stop flowin’ til the mic breaks
my hearts cold like ice lakes and your flow is sh-t like rice cakes
mainstream is the queerest kids, i’m a real lyricist
shut that nicki and iggy sh-t off you should be hearin’ this
my rhymes are one of a kind, a custom design
so with that fake sh-t you spit, you ain’t f-ckin’ wit mine
clown b-tch just shut your trap, ‘cuz you’re f-ckin’ wack
battle me? what’s up with that?
fool, you wouldn’t last 5 seconds, straight up
my rhyme threatens fake f-cks who claim tough try steppin’
raps my habitat, yo that’s a fact
i got mad skill, and there ain’t a f-ckin’ app for that
i chill out takin’ spliff hits, a slick kid who spits sick
yo i should be paid for this sh-t
the man you’re facin’ is real, no animation
my flow is sick, yeah, sicker than cancer patients
in rap you’re just a big waste
i saw you makin’ out wit your b-tch, so how my f-ckin’ d-ck taste?
to be with g you ain’t gotta have big t-ts
but you can get out my face if you’re some 90 pound twig b-tch
women like me more
so don’t get mad if i’m the reason your girl might be sore
ayyo i f-cked you one time i ain’t buyin’ you no necklace hoe
i won’t even chill wit you and watch a f-ckin’ netflix show

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