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201915 intermission lyrics – arte



201915 [x8]

[verse 1: t$o teelowe]
bl in the front triple beam in the back
you n-gg-s is slippin’ we pick up the slack
i need all my money ain’t frontin’ on packs
yo b-tch is a groupie she let the crew wack
recorded that hoe while she throwin’ it back
her n-gg- found out, now her n-gg- is mad
don’t know why he trippin’ her game was trash
he keep talkin’ we gon’ pull up with that
buy what i want throw that sh-t in the bag
she not trynna f-ck then we call her a cab
do all the work wipe the gun with the rag
i got what you need, lean, tree, and the xan [x2]

[intro: arte]
a-r-t don’t forget the e

[verse 2: arte]
lookin’ at skrillz if he with it
4g on the left, yeah he tippin’
in case n-gg-s trippin’
teelowe on the right and he sippin’
the chalice is drippin’
i guess you can say that we pimpin’
i’m jack cause these beats i be rippin’
in plus i’m just gettin’ this paper while y’all n-gg-s sittin
all up on your toilet we sh-ttin’
the tribe never chillin’
you know that we scavenge for millions

that’s word to your mother
t$o bogeyman better go and grab a cover
heard ole girl started workin’ under cover
so i went and grabbed the scissors and i quit being a lover
g-ssed one more had her rappin’ like thugger
all up in her feelings now we gotta fight her brothers
yappin’ your mouth and your life would be tougher
but please stay awake ep droppin’ this summer

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