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202 lyrics – kamau kenyatte


it’s the 202 tell me what the f-ck your gonna do

go turbo in the 202
f-cking wit them boyz they gonna shoot

smoke clouds my eyes
battle cry i rise
cut me up samurai
most times i’m high

all these hoes on my line
n-gg- need to downsize
i be on the next flight
wit polynesian mai tai

i refuse to compromise
never been afraid to fight
i be up till daylight
no stopping till we get it right

mama was a crack fiend
covered up with
maybakine looked just like a beauty queen iiiiiiiiiii

they poisoned me like syanyde
remember when my farther died
every night i cried
i ii i iii i iii

addicted to the zombielife
ima fight tim at night
my lil cousin got k!lled
in 2012 it got real

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