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20th centurion lyrics – $uicideboy$ x germ


[verse i: big grieve]
make a punk b-tch bite the curb
american history x
burning churches until the dirt
walk off and throw up the set
just another sunday purge, i’m isis with blades and a neck. throw his body to the herd
this what happens when you flex
f-ck boy, i lace your mama’s drink with lsd, gave your sister mescaline, then chased her up and down the street
never sleep
stay on the creep to k!ll you sheep
mark of the beast
walking disease
h-ll is my theme

[verse ii: lil oozing]
gimme a cigarette, my nerves is bad
what the f-ck your name is, boy?
i never heard of that
germ is back in the n.o. we made a murder pack
she let out a nervous laugh
swimming in the deep like where the surface at?
make the sign of the cross and then i’m skrrtin’ in the church’s ash
let me soul escape i’m switching bodies like a hermit crab
home is where the dirt is at
lemme circle back to the days when i said “f-ck the world”
it’s still me versus that
ruby stuntin’ like a circus act

[verse iii: germ]
who that there with all that flare?
stare into my eyes, i dare you
ride with the carbon
pistons in the hood
ben wallace with me
just might shoot you down
don’t make no sound
big gun sounds get to rushing, b-tch
it’s nothing
it’s you or i
it’s do or die
b-tch, it’s me
i got hunnids and i heard your tank’s on “e.”
boot me down, i stomp you out
big body b-tch hold on my heat
clap ’em with the ratty just for acting all types
of cheesy
better believe me, hoe
gimme the cheese and dope

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