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20yrz lyrics – jezreel


ah, snap
what is this?
what’s on this tape?
bring me back

[verse 1]
remember when we used to dream?
remember when we used to picture everything?
perfectly different ambitious to reach it at any means
and maybe our perspective was just a reflection of immaturity
surely we have grown a lot ain’t no question ’bout it
and maybe we did find god and we can never doubt it
but there’s some things we both know missing from this empty house
here to protect you inside it have we ever found it?
i’m speaking to you this is g-time if we could hit the rewind what would we find? what would you take wit’ you?
i know things change ’cause we on god’s time the pressure can get us all tired
up in our minds stuck in the same issues
i mean the issues of life so guard your heart
knowin’ what god requires inside of the evil parts
and living for him i never thought for a second
that i would ever express what i would find in his presence
like everything that i ever desired
i was going through h-ll then he set me on fire
now thinkin’ back wonderin’ how it ever got by us
i went my whole life and didn’t know the messiah
so for all the days that i spent with vengeance of unforgiveness
restless of seeing visions of death and self-afflictions
and being visited by spirits just trying to catch me slippin’
recollect on the instances reminisce on the blissfulness
which only came when we [?]
lookin’ to help my vision drift into an art
the perception i was hurt [?] curve i made an altar
saying father i need you those dreams deferred i casted on you give me your word
i step in faith put on armor hopin’ one day
i no longer slip but tread on that surf when i give you everything
’cause you are so well worth it i give you everything
and what i’m sayin’ is we used to dream of getting fame
where did our hunger go? i used to thirst for this
i know maybe there’s only one thing that could ever quench
lord make me like a wick with a short fuse
to blow through any bit of ignorance and just explode with truth

[chorus 1: eboni]
how could i live without you god?
how could i breath without you god?
but you found me, saved me, and made me new
now i’ll spend all my days loving on you
i’ll spend all my days serving you
yeah, i’ll spend all my days worshiping you

[bridge: jezreel]
i never knew how good your grace was
i never knew that there really was a savior
i never knew spent my life looking for truth
twenty years without you now i can’t go a day without you

[chorus 2: eboni]
i never knew, i never knew what life was
i never knew, i never knew what hope was
i never knew, i never knew what joy was
’til you came along
i never knew, i never knew what love was
i never knew, i never knew what peace was
i never knew, i never knew what grace was
’til you saved me
you saved me
thank you god

[outro: jezreel]
i can’t live without god
’cause i, i used to live without god [x2]

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