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23.07 lyrics – this concept



i’m getting sick and tired
of the same old sh-t
people taking us for a joke
i want you to eat your words
in hope that you choke, you choke

years spent mastering our craft
while you waste away
twisting your tongue with
over opinionated dribble
spilling from your mouth
who’s accomplishing more?
you do the math

go ahead let your ego
grow a little larger
you’re not getting any f-cking smarter

i’m done feeling like this
for the things you have all done
it’s your f-cking problem from now on
it should have been from the start

i will be the one to put you in your place
at least then you’ll learn to grow the f-ck up
you self centred c-nts

stop thinking your values are higher
than everyone else’s
you’re just as human as everyone else

you are not a god among men
you are a pilgrim with a fake sense of pride

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