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23 lyrics – pryde


you hear that, yeah, richvale
richvale, real sh-t real

[verse 1]
yeah, i’m 23 and you still suck
i started music at 13 and i’m just seeing real bucks
no overnight fame, it’s the story we built up
and from these other rappers coming up i can’t feel love
i stopped hitting the club
not because i’m too cool
they just won’t let me wear slippers and stuff
so from now on if i’m at a club or a function they throw me some money i’m wearing shorts in that b-tch
50’s slides and ruth chris
my old sh-t sound like your new sh-t
if you see me let’s do sh-t
you b-tch, i can’t throw hands cause if i try to hit a hater in public
they be quick to just sue me
so i gotta keep composure on my social media, it’s a talent
but i spending yeezy money on scallops
give a f-ck about it
i used to wanna play ball but i really needed taller height
now i got investments, ball is life
everything beautiful
just wanna shout-out the clique, pat, danny, sav, f-cking josh, dave, mugi, muyi, omar, what up ryan
i’m going back in

[verse 2]
this one’s for the dudes using stacks of money as phones
you rappers ain’t sh-t till you buying homes, real talk
uber riding with your queen down a busy street
hoping that i ride p-ss your -ss on my billie jean
cause she not my lover but she swears that i’m the one
hating on my f-cking money go ahead and find you some
sort of looking like a sixer when i rhyme on songs
cause i’m going all in on sh-t that i verse on
please check the record
your fake -ss in my weight cl-ss
i’m been hot since i was been doing covers
artists talking if you better you should prove it f-cker
do it f-cker, where’s your hits, yeah i knew it f-cker
sit the f-ck down, she love me man get me
i’m shooting at her face like a frontal cam selfie
f-cking white girls when they used to curve me in the 10th grade
suck me white america, yes ye
please don’t hate if you’re less paid
i ain’t even rich but i was broke 4 years ago up in la
momma texting me like you gon’ make it
i was sleeping on the floor of a hotel so please know this sh-t’s amazing
thankful but nothing’s come true
so when my homie’s got money troubles i gotta work harder man i f-cking hustle
i’m still annoyed look
when you talking ’bout brampton don’t just mention alessia cara and roy woods
mention me in that b-tch cause i been put the work in
i struggle but now i’m a better person
ma i wish you got to see me shine
2017 about to be lit, to all my friends we need to grind
sav, danny, and pat you really helped me when my -ss was depressed now my we about to get checks
to the chick that i hook up with from time to time
thanks for not pressuring me
i’m just trying to be what i’m destined to be
i’m 23 and n-body is messing with me
i’m blessed knowing that my momma is resting in peace
get me with please i’m the underdogs of underdogs
sacrificing all of my savings, saying f-ck it all
i’m so polished, your flow’s garbage, you so novice
you’re so awful, like foamposites, you no problem
barring off, f-ck a writer’s block
when i was 8, my pops bought me some nike shocks
and ever since then i said i’m a put that man in a range
i been going off
haters say my raps haven’t changed
but i only got better
i only progress
you talking tough, you want this work, if you know me then lets
this dude i used to roll with is probably sucking for clout
f-ck him stay the f-ck in your house
never mind that bullsh-t we trying to see what this money about
2017, russell is out
motherf-cker i’m ill

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