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270 lyrics – no dice


are you mad?
why can’t you talk?
the introverted child just a little too p-ssed off
how’s your folks?
how’s the band?
you know he had potential
lacked the common plan
i wanted more than what they gave to me
but did that ever make it right to leave?
so tired
too naive
trapped inside this cage, 270
i never thought that you would end up like me
born to run like springsteen
two freehold products march
maybe he was cursed right from the start
we push away, dis-ssociate with all the people who made us everything we are today
never set plans to make amends
self-content because we hold them in the palm of our hands
i’ll always hold that part of you within me
but we had to leave
and i’m doing fine and i hope that k!lls you
not on my mind
so why am i so tired
and still naive?
to break the cage, 270
and i’m still running just like springsteen
don’t act like you ever missed me
free to roam, too young to march
to the golden boy who was broken from the start

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