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2am in ldn lyrics – mikael daniyel


2am in ldn – official lyrics

verse 1

i came into this game less than a fiver my name/
ain’t nothing been the same still struggling with pain/
ain’t nothing really changed still posted with the fellas/
trying to figure figures in the 9 figure range/
do you do it for the change or do it for the fame/
i’m just trying to redirect the blame all i’m saying/
nothing really change n-gg-s still be getting slain/
the only difference now apple catch it in the frame/
d-mn, you watch the future mi ánimo diddy tho/
coz i flow like da vinci leonardo fortissimo/
my mindset different my rhyme set different/
how you think we on the same levels mic check/(my cheque) different/
since the increased salary we hold it like down like gravity/
i only accept stars like the centre of a galaxy/
what beef? you don’t have the stamina or calories/
i’m on it! thats chemical reactions in my anatomy/
too many wanting hand outs like a charity/
please, you jokers not serious like a parody actually/
i’m amazed you so called hustlers the audacity/
but i got a “i don’t give a f-ck” instagram gallery/
you will never move, your mood hard like cement/
the higher you go the more your own try prevent/
so i move in silence like no audio is present/
the future unsure, i (rap) wrap the present/

2am in london x 3
i’m just here with my bae/
2am in london x 3
i’m just here with my bre/

verse 2

i came into this world heart on my sleeve visions like steve/
only elite see apple trees divisions is peak/
live your decisions or bleed ain’t no positions for free/
i guess that’s why so many of us have provisions on fleek/
d-mn, you didn’t see then why now/
you said you was like me i still don’t see how/
my blood type different my rug white linen/
lord forgive me devils sent me sub light women/
i saw the formula like 1/
get strung like an orchestra white ones swore they were bright ones/
around mans moving crack in codes like da vinci/
holding bows like the quincy
i was music minded like jones i mean quincy/
2 phones but you lynched me, so i hang up like a noose is/
nytwee already told me to stay away from cheap opportunist/
i just can’t deal with any p-ssyhole that’s the loosest/
your n-body till your somebody what they tell me/
and your no body if you got no bodies what they sell me/
orchestrated then castrated let them impale me/
the dark me beef with the pale me somebody help me/
i told you i would rise fam i left who behind/
you was playing with yourself thought i was in the coal mines/
whole time, p-ssyhole i was the in the gold mine/
and i still have my soul i never sold mine/

2am in london x 3
i’m just here with my bae/
2am in london x 3
i’m just here with my bre/

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