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2am phone calls (my favorite song) lyrics – teiji mack


(verse 1)
more life than a sun rise, i
get lost in the pastime, of
day dreaming bout the soul in you
lost art and ya booty’s the truth, i kid
lost art and ya beauty’s the truth
we can share fat fries and enjoy the view, see
you are the prototype
and im hoping that you are the one
drift off to the p-ssing sun
supernova at the thought of your eyes
and i admit that i can’t see
past my lengthy, list of inspirers
and i must acquit cus i been an admirer
done used more rubbers than a goodwill tire, but d-mn tired
of late nights with no reciprocation
liam neeson can’t my heart from being taken, gahd-mn
my heart beats like timbaland and jigga made it, gahd-mn
double dribble violation, sanaa latham, gahd-mn
used to simply making art, so i start, gahd-mn
closing off the leaking leaking waters like i building a d-mn
bbut i’m the earth and you’re sumn like the fire that lights, the forge to creation, so…
original as i can be… cus sometimes simple is better
heavenly…heavenly…heavenly…. (x3)
(verse 2)
see, i been, i been, i been, i been, i been, chasing you
and, you been, you been, you been, you been, you been, running from your heart
so, won’t you, won’t you, won’t you, won’t you, won’t you please just breathe
please just breathe, please just breathe (x2)

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