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2day lyrics – kindy king


i can see the stars that you want
sorry i can not grab’em all (sorry)
i can be strange don’t you know
i’m not sure that i need you this fall

but ok, i was thinking about ur eyes
but ok, maybe i will find some time
to understand your world but i don’t promise now
bae i fade, so you can try to save my mind
oh d-mn

don’t hide from me
i will find you anyway
and don’t sleep with me
cuz i will forget you on a next day

but we can be so happy this morning
and i can take your hand this evening
but i know tomorrow will be boring
and you know that i don’t need these feelings

oh, baby u know, that i don’t give a f-ck

sorry for today
and sorry for tomorrow
i remember yesterday
that’s one more thing that i’m sorry for

sorry but i love you today [x8]

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