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30 for 30 lyrics – slyrex & chris savage


[verse 1: slyrex]
never thought i’d be talking from this perspective
but i think that i finally get the message
i’m tired of always being the one to handle the disrespecting with grace
this time i’m getting in n-gg-s face
because half the city don’t think that i deserve it
and the other half think that my music is perfect
a lot of n-gg-s try to play it cool when they see me in person
what they all got in common, they ain’t see me put work in
thus they don’t understand how it’s my turn up
like i ain’t stay in making music while they turned up
unwritten stories on the swishers as they get p-ssed
and like your little 5 week buzz, they all burned up
i used to fanboy about these rappers like a groupie
then one day i realized all of these n-gg-s knew me
take my kindness for weakness and treat me like a newbie
in real life, there’s nothing they can do to me
i’m done being humble with it
n-gg-s called me out my name, other n-gg-s stole my music and did numbers with it
the same day n-gg-s pulled the plug on me for 21
but thanks to gq & god, i still up & did
a lot of these n-gg-s fake
they showing love when they in my face
same n-gg-s talking down, saying i ain’t in this race
try to profit off me when they see the bread my business makes
i was cute when i ain’t have a pot to p-ss in
now n-gg-s shook cause they think i’m compet-tion
but if y’all would listen
you would see i’m not a kid in closets kicking awkward writtens with you n-gg-s
i’m not your compet-tion
i’m leagues ahead of you n-gg-s
the elephant in the vette and i invented you n-gg-s
writing tracks for my exes boy, you n-gg-s is that lame
with a loaded 11, so ask me bout my mack game
you better treat me like i’m batman
and none of you n-gg-s qualified when sly is up to bat mane
and i ain’t finna stop till everybody in rap slain
only l i ever took’s the one that’s in my rap name, n-gg-
that’s all free
they tried to take a “me” out the game, it’s all g
slanging p’s & q’s to keep my tank off e
till e make a m & it’s all on me

[verse 2: chris savage]
aye, it’s all on me
n-gg- let me tell you what i oughta do
going off like lil wayne in the carter ii
you wanna go to war, p-ssy? then call your troops
humble enough to know that i’m gifted, got way too much pride to call a truce
detonation, i’m like a bomb inside the booth
i know ya’ll seen the blogs, instagram, twitter rants and read all them articles
sometimes i ask myself, “what would my father do?”
finally wrapped my mind around it
now i feel sorry for n-gg-s that the reason god sent me here is just to body you n-gg-s
i’m adolf hitler of my time, i dominate n-gg-
when i spit, it’s like an ak so i be dropping these n-gg-s
like kanye west out of college, ain’t no stopping me n-gg-
if you diss me, i promise that i won’t acknowledge it n-gg-
wouldn’t even sip no liquor and talk bout politics with you
and i’d be d-mned if i would congregate with you
y’all ain’t seeing the bigger picture, live like i won’t see the light of tomorrow
rather die today than to live in my sorrows

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