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30 seconds lyrics – different



you smoking smarties but you is a dummy (yeah, ooh)
this is real funny
you ain’t got no money
posted up with your honey (oh, d-mn)
don’t let it get it sticky
ya b-tch ate my cream and she loving the feeling but she catching feelings (uh, no)
i got b-tches on b-tches that suck on a d-ck (sike, woah)
i am just kidding
that b-tch got her mouth, just to fill kids in
hoe of the year, body count infinite
always get racks and i always get b-tches
if n-gg-s be snitchin’ they get the extension
they don’t want no tension they want the attention
this sh-t is too easy, twenty-16 n-gg-s
uzi, carti, yachty, & tyo wit’ em
typical rap today, i can be as flee wit’ it

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