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300 to life lyrics – heart to heart


it was 1994
a boy about seven years old
that’s the last time he was seen
and still to this day he’s missing
they say that he’s still alive
others believe he died inside
was a wolf in sheep’s skin
who manipulated his way in

he always knew to never talk to strangers
but it’s different when it’s your neighbor
it wasn’t his fault, he did nothing wrong
but no one ever looked because the boy was never really gone
a man of god who lived behind an icon
lived a life of fraud which made him not a man at all
thought he’d never get caught but i got that solved
it was always my problem but never my fault

how could anyone’s mind be so f-cking sick?
how could anyone hurt a little f-cking kid?
how could anyone do what this monster did?
well payback’s a b-tch
years later the boy would come to find himself
and share the secret he thought he’d never f-cking tell
he would get his chance to send the b-st-rd to h-ll
well he got his chance, the gavel slammed
and guilty is the man

there the devil stands with bible in hand
he can’t look the boy in the eyes
he was a fool to think that god was on his side
the judge decides his sentence: 300 years to life

what saved my life was the lives that i saved
without you or anyone ever knowing
i locked up the monster and threw away the key
that opened the door and set me free

this is how the story goes
i’m the only one that knows
for a world that’s too blind to see
that boy is me

now i can breathe
now i can speak
how the tables have turned
now you’ve got time to think
about every f-cking thing you ever did to me
you wanted to pray after every single sin
but your prey was just a kid
you’re such a f-cking pig
you’re the reason i hate
you’ll never see the light of day
you’ll die and rot in that cage
and that puts a smile on my face

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