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306 living (feat. cellotherapper & ronoftheisland) lyrics – mikec0ww


[verse 1: ronoftheisland]
they call me 306 i f-cking kill these b-tches
they told me to drop some fire
busy making riches
but here i go imma drop a couple bars
a bar or two
i’ll violate these n-gg-s and their fake shoes
lets f-cking hit the switch and drop a beat
drop some fire a bit of heat
but i was mastering the codes
the angles and sides
delusion controls the motherf-cking mind
i’m talking triangle theory illuminati
we rich n-gg-s driving lamborghini and buggati
they talking sh-t saying i got 0 friends
they fake n-gg-s trying jump in my mercedes benz

[verse 2: mike t]
we was out chilling drinking henny
me renny, lenny, and benny
we was out pretty late
my next car a bmw i8
i’m f-cking lavish i own a house in every state
f-cking ohio, kentucky, and even texas
these b-tches asking what the next is
they know i drive all them foreigns
i’ll drive a all black metallic lexus
which is even on the nexus call that a cop just like every jordan drop

[verse 3 cellotherapper]

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