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5 6 7 8 lyrics – seven days of samsara


lock me up in a cage, so i can tell it to you from first
hand. lock you up in a cage so you know just how it
feels, yea, just how it feels. another baby born and died
for amus-m-nt and you dont get it. slave labor leads
straight to death camp. ‘this song tells the story.
architypical. the fate of the b-st-rd. then one day her
trainer struck her. she freaked out and took revenge.’ i
will not pay to sit and watch them die. as much as i like
to see animals, i can not justify the zoo or the circus.
sure they look cute, but think about the life theyre
living. that cage is all they know. that is their world.
and then people talk about them preserving endangered
species, how many babies born in captivity actually
survive? (the part of this song thats in quotations was
taken from a song by man is the bastarad called ‘tyke.’ i
hope they dont mind.)

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