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5 am in baltimore lyrics – king los


i wish you go fortune that’s way it’s full a side
get’s rolling on my front side, first on prch life
then reflec, reflecting into that porch life
when we was on, we was on the stacks we was ..
and so surving, the fallow steps to the ..
i live the corth like jprdan
see the corth like kid
i’m seing kid leave the …life
i can see your pain of your father past
i can see your pain of your father past
i can see your pain cuz my father past
the same pain that i need to see in your father past
my father had the chance to take your father but your father past
is a presence in your past
this presense from the presence fom your past
represinte his self in the presense
juts don’t look past you gotta catch it
speaking to cathing that -sses of being caught
perfectly catch it of being taught …
and did that ones on us
i’m praying for us, i know they praying on us
keep no proud in your heart
let hope rise cuz pride, pride it’s a ..
logic and thought consist to see what abivious
time to’s actually deliver this sh-t
lead the sh-t, be the captaine on catch sides
haters hate cuz the other …like a capes lie
no back sp-cing for the back block
it’s like i hit the sp-ce ball in that black drop
the red watch but the whisles
and jelousy make your best friend eyes burn
way turn n-gg- it was our turn
now a n-gg- gotta catch and fade like some..
they love the money and get n-gg- from the side burn
that’s way be …be for the touch zone
i play my ethics my ethics unmessure
i open doors from my city and let it unless it
run now, they run n-gg- better face until they face a batterfield
looking their face
the right text being incredible
this miracles you can p-ssed on their scadual
conceptional, exceptional to the rule
it’s the truly, cool retrospective
i’mma do like confesional
move, pick the muse of the groovy profesional
i’m blessing you
i see …but ever stress ..
you try to get all in rest without let ém have the best
i wish the best for you but it’s probbaly the worst for you
sh-t that even worth for you
is it worth it too?
to giving my …it’s like a curse to you
without picking the …
the man has many flows but master picking

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