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5 am in toronto lyrics – drake


yeah, this on some old tommy campos dice roll sh-t
for my nigg-s, though

[verse 1]
you underestimated greatly
most number ones ever, how long did it really take me
the part i love most is they need me more than they hate me
so they never take shots, i got everybody on safety
i could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards
you probably wouldn’t lose a single rapper
nigg-s make threats, can’t hear ’em over the laughter
yeah, that’s cause i’m headed to the bank, n-gga
sinatra lifestyle, i’m just being frank with you
i mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you
wildin’, doin’ sh-t that’s way out of your budget
owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it
d-mn, this sh-t could go on a tape
b-tches lovin’ my drive, i never give it a break
give these n-ggas the look, the verse, and even the hook
that’s why every song sound like drake featuring drake
tr8, y pree? why is it always me?
got us watchin’ our words like there’s wire taps on the team
cause i show love, never get the same outta nigg-s
guess it’s funny how money can make change outta nigg-s
for real
some n-body started feelin’ himself
a couple somebodies started killin’ themself
a couple alb-ms dropped, those are still on the shelf
i bet them sh-ts would have popped if i was willin’ to help
i got a gold trophy from the committee for validation
bad press during the summer over allegations
i ain’t lyin’, my n-gga, my time is money
that’s why i ain’t got time for a n-gga who’s time is comin’
a lot of n-ggas pr stuntin’ like that’s the movement
and i’m the only n-gga still know for the music
i swear, f-ck them n-gg-s this year
i made forbes list, n-gga
f-ck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous
without me, rap is just a bunch of orphans
but if i stay in the sh-t, there’s a bunch of corpses
and me and my dread n-gga from new orleans
stashin’ money like h–rders off multi-platinum recordings
eat it like i’m seated at swiss, sotto, and joso’s
nothin’ was the same, this sh-t for easy and cocoa
this sh-t for kareem, this sh-t for jaevon
this sh-t for julius, milly mill
we do this sh-t for real
all them boys in my will
all them boys is my wheel
anything happen to pop and i got you like uncle phil
weezy been on that edge, you n-ggas just need to chill
if anything happen to papi, might pop a n-gga for real
comin’ live from the screwface, livin’ out a suitcase
but i’m feelin’ good, johnny got me pushin’ two plates
my weight up, i refuse to wait up, i started a new race
it’s funny when you think a n-gga blew up after lupe
n-ggas treat me like i’ve been here for 10
some n-ggas been here for a couple, never been here again
i’m on my king james sh-t, i’m tryin’ to win here again
a young n-gga tryin’ to win here again
man, what’s up

yeah, a young n-gga tryin’ to win here again
if i like her, i just fly her to the city i’m in
i got her drinkin’ with your boy
i got her f-cked up, shorty
aww yeah

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