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5 dolla mic lyrics – dwele


what do you when you move to n.y.c and you left your sounds at home
all you got is an m-box, an mpc and your apple computer’s on

i’ve got a 5 dollar microphone
i bought from ‘goodguys’ up in la when dwele found out that he left his good mic at home
but call it a blessing i’m guessing
it must be god
‘cuz i ain’t touch the bag till i picked up to go to n.y.c and now its all i’ve got
all i’ve got to do is
make chords with my vocals on the 5 dollar mic or dim the lights and do my thing in the dark
look ma’ i’m on some bobby mcferrin

did i mention i had me a b-ss guitar

its a fretless though
and a throwback piano
it ain’t no ‘rhodes’ but its nasty enough to get my point across
with no feeling lost
eric from ‘soullive’ just lent me his jazz guitar with no hesitation man
gotta big him up up…man that’s the least i can

and i guess i’m done
i did my thing with the 5 dollar
and now i gotta do somethin’ to convince…

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