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5 fingers of death lyrics – childish gambino


how is the word turning
i feel like i am the worse person
my tongue is hurting
from all of these cursing
and i am not certain
i think that m father is ,
till i am walking in circles
and i am talking to third person
in the eight grade i got high upon a ,
i put it in my desk and i let it ..
cause she ain’t nothing changed
i am still known as a rude student
that will walk inside your cl-ss
and make fun of your school ,
i am too cool as a matter of fact
i have been running within these verses
while i am having a heart attack
i am in your bedroom .. no doubt ,
i am not black i am a white boy with a dark skin
.. wonder why they don’t let me in
i am drunk on this gin and i am .. f-ck it

i am the naughty rapper ever
.. rip my .. skin to make a .. condomn
they try to jump me they couldn’t touch me
.. with a bunch of monkeys
.. girls see my d-ck size they realize they can’t handle it
.. i get more kicks out of it than jean claude van dame
and i am still spitting
why every white girl love ..
.. out of d-mn
i got to keep it coming cause ..
come from rome athena .. i had something for you
you know how they play reggetone .. i used to lick it
.. i didn’t mean to kick it
.. is she porto rican people are speaking
she ain’t right but you know i keep it tight

naughty word murderer
ina ..convert able
n-gg-rs haven’t heard of them
till …
where i am from .. eating mash potatoes
i hate those
people say i am not wake enough

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