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5 foot 3 lyrics – slykid


physically i m five foot three
short black boy that is all you see
people can’t see more, how are you going to see the picture when the only foresight you ever had was on tv?
they been praying for men for the mission
i get nominated, they say, “a man, not a midget”
every lady prays to jesus for the 6 ft 5
that bar bbnz lifted high
they wouldn’t let me geed in, y3se me y3 tiatia
them dey give me what ahdeserve nti w) tiatia
me faahodie no so
underrated, overunder-estimated
yet i look into the mirror and i see great

physically you are not five feet
buh psychologically you are just like me
we don’t have the same disease buh we geeding the same treatment
souls full o’ tyranny, they put you through the misery
cos you don’t have a job
cos you don’t have a car
cos they live in the mansions and people live in the slum
you’re branded unrighteous cos you never spoken in tongues
forget the compet-tion, the honor , give it to god
skul bii, academically you’re hustling
you never had a paperless vacation, after all the dedication
then poppie go start dey hate
you no dey pull ur weight
poppie for bab say you den am never dey weigh the same, let ma
jesus be your pivot
put him at the center
put in all the effort
geed a first cl-ss lever
buh if you ever say never
then tele m), u go carry ur cl-ss, gasmilla

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