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5 minutes freestyle lyrics – cassidy


imma phone call away from tha haze,
and a page from a costumer, i dont use machanics my smokers fix mufflers, pigs cuff us ehh couple days jus to f-ck wit us, i touch alot of money out of twenty its six hustlers, five of us rap nine got gigs, and out of every ten chickens like nine got kids, they give non stop head and they eatn eachother, they go shoppin every week the compete with eachother, but they dont speak to eachother cuz the gutter is heated, on my blok gettn a body is a f-ckin acheivment, and in philly aint nun a secrete sh-t go get round, and you go pay like twenty dollars for a nick now,and its drugs and clicks round, aint no bloods and crips round its thugs in this town, clown, and you can start to hate on us, but i been gettin money since barkley played for us, get tha rock while its hot right out tha oven, guys wit guts get em cut right out they stomach, right out in public ill pull it out and hug it, and wit tha liquir i be twisted, witout tha luggeg,yu lil n-gg-s think its a f-ckin game, you lames aint cuttin came you still hustle for whats his name, aint nun change n-gg-s slang but they never stack same wit them thangs n-gg-s aim but they never clap,i never rat cuz i kno i like doin dirt, see my chain tucked in see my ice through the shirt, i got sum guys i wanna do and a few to murk, they prolly want me dead too but imma do it first, im movin work and im lookin to get paid and i hit a lot of chickens like im lookin to get aids, im cookin up tha cain on professional stoves, i got love for tha hood, especially tha hoes, this flow i was tha first wit it you got a verse spit it, im tha best on tha earth and im my worst cridict, i go bizurk wit it, got wild copy rats, gave a juevenile a new style to go copy cat, see how ya rymes full of punch lines now, yeah you can shine when its ya time but its mine now, you all hype to bite my rhymes calm down, tha bars is tough but get off my nuts, and jus fall back before you get ya skull cracked, unless tahts a bulletproof ball cap, cuz yal gats yal scared to shoot, you sell crack but you cant by a pair of boots, you should jus skydive wit no parachute, and float to ya death, cuz you broke and depressed, i confess i aint nun but a triflin thug that dedicated his life to tha mic and drugs, it feel nice to wear ice to clubs, and they think my linc gettn attacked bu lightnin bugs, i got gorgious stones, cash aint an issue, come see me foor tha work i got halfs for a nickle, what you askin could you hospitalized, im popin a five that could push ya top to tha side,

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