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5 minutes lyrics – joe osborne


i want you to let me know
just how far you are willing to go
i would like to soothe my mind
head to our shrine of sweet lavender and thyme
escape from this evening
don’t say that your leaving
to anyone

five minutes to five hours
five hours until five days
a whole week under sheets
losing our feet
as our time swings on by
riding high on the solace we lost

i want you to follow me
take my hand baby and we’ll be free
i would like be at one with you and the sun
magic galactic dust
escape from these people
their heads are on steeples
and its draggin on
on and on and on.

just say the word and then we’ll leave
and in one breath we’ll disappear like
ghosts and we’ll melt into the stars
through the plane
through the veil
into a world that we never could see

i want you to want me
c’mon girl is that so hard to see

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