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5 minutes lyrics – shoshana bean


pardon me mister
don’t mean to interrupt
i can see you’re busy
and i’m sure you’re in a rush
but i couldn’t let this chance p-ss me by
can i have just 5 minutes of your time

you’re trying hard to
place where we have met before
but i’m a stranger
i just watch you from afar
and i know you must be wondering why
i would need just 5 minutes of your time

i’ve tried a million ways to get thru to you
and now that i’ve got you in front of me
i’m not sure what to do
should i sing to you
or weave words that speak to you
or leave it up to fate
the fact that it brought us here together today
has got to carry some weight

you won’t regret it
that i can -ssure you
i know that once upon a time
you probably asked someone to do the same for you
but we could make magic together you and i
if you give me 5 mintues, won’t you give me 5 minutes
won’t you give me 5 minutes of your time

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