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5 minutes lyrics – yasmin


you`ll call my phone when is 3 in the morning,
you`re only in town for the night
i know i should`t but i still come over
hoping is different this time.
that`s not mine whose is this
don`t try to win me with a kiss
cause i know this is all just pretend.
no coincidence
all this evidence
and i know i`m too good for this.

but i need 5 more minutes
just 5 more minutes
cause i ain`t finished with you
you`ve got 5 more minutes
so just admit it,
cause i know i`m done with you
i need only 5 minutes to say
f–k you!

what i ever did
was give you my attention
you love me then leave me alone
but there`s been some things
that you`d forgot to mention
all this time you`ve been holding your tongue
unfinished business
things we`d left unsaid
but i`m here to tell you exact
i say i`m leaving
you say just leave then
something keeps holding me back

must be


f–k you!

for three years and two months
only one day it took, you`ve been breaking
all the rules in my book
i`ve always suspected,
but never was sure
i’ve had four minutes, give me one more.

give me one more minute
to just finish, said this three times before

i had 5 more minutes,
and, i just did it
i`m sorry if it sounds cruel
needed only 5 minutes to say
only 5 minutes to say
only 5 minutes to say

f–k you! x 4

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