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5 minutes of doom (comin’ from the legion) lyrics – almighty rso


yeah, m-th-f-ckas
it’s time for the real legion of doom
buddah man, tell em we ain’t havin it

[buddah man]
yeah, silly rabbit
f-ck that sh-t
we ain’t havin that this year
this is comin straight from the bean, knawmean?
and we ain’t havin that
[name] street live, m-th-f-cka
hey yo, rhome, man, won’t you drop that sh-t

[verse 1: tony rhome]
yo, here we go again
on the strenght of l.o.d. i kick facts, and
some are the reasons that i stay strapped in
deal with the jealousy, bullsh-t, tryin to rush the stage
while i’m kickin a rhyme that’s gonna get me paid
i got n-gg-s who got my back while i tour
what’s up, hold up, you can never f-ck with the 4
cause if you try to step, then my n-gg-s gonna step too
listen to the way i bring this, cause you might face the whole crew
huh, and we’ll be like 20 deep
so that’s 20 m-th-f-ckas comin straight from the streets
nevertheless you been warned
cause yo, i’m speakin up for my parts, and if you step, then it’s on
and there’ll be no holdin back
n-gg-s in gold and black
who know nothin but dope and straps
and it’s never for no reason
so prepare yourself, cause it’ll be comin straight from the legion

[verse 2: m-ss murderer mike]
it’s one of them n-gg-s from the brick
packin a tec, and quick to blast it
(a [name] street b-st-rd) sendin n-gg-s to a casket
915s, my g-a-n-g makin noise
us n-gg-s from the brick now wreckin sh-t with the (badd boyz)
step to my crew, you get your dome flown and blown
i’m part of the legion, so mutahf-ckas shoulda known
that a n-gg- will back up, we pack, son
now make room for m-ss murderer mike
straight from the legion of doom (no question)

[verse 3: big roscoe & mody]
big roscoe’s on his goal while i f-ck around
rippin n-gg-s in half and tearin sh-t up when i go down
so let a n-gg- stroll
cause n-gg-s like to mow
roll and throw, screamers
hummin from my b-tch nina
now legion’s in the house, so feel the violence
my ace file up when i’m rollin with the m-th-f-ckin black talents
cause if you’re cruisin for a brusin, then you’re schemin for a beamin
n-gg-s done represented the g, but this one’s for the legion

[verse 4: kool gsus]
this is the gsus kool
not the old or the new, i’m just straight up school
cause n-gg-s be soundin like dumbo
so i exit all the mumble-jumble
cause i’m good at makin dumbo-gumbo
i makes you crumble
you had the ball, but fumbled
my mac carries a rumble
makin mc’s tumble
i hates a faker as far as i can see em
so if you be him, then you get lynched by the legion

[verse 5: fly ty]
i think you better make way for the joint, punk
f-ck around with the sound and get the head shrunk
it was a real bad move to stick your crew in, sh-t’s gettin ruined
when you’re f-ckin with my boys, with the bruins
who you’re think you’re foolin? not ty
how really gotta die before i really get fly?
hittin all sides with the slides, and i’m leavin
everybody’s doomed, comin straight from the legion

(hey yo, this is raydog
i’m not here right now
just leave your name and your number
(hey yo, dog, man, this is beef
my bro, what happened, man?
we ain’t goin out like that
yo, we gots the sh-t, man
hey yo, i’ma call tone
then i get back with you, man
(yo man, this is the second time i call you, man
get up, man, get up)

[verse 6: raydog]
hey yo, i be a n-gg- that you never could figure
with a dog on his chest and a stolen trooper’s vest
i represent a pack of n-gg-s that’ll kill quick
like that, so suckers better get the f-ck back
i bet you thought the dog would never get another turn
but i’m the flame-thrower, so m-th-f-ckas burn
you probably thought rso’s deep, well, you’re right
we’ll hit you up somethin fierce in a gunfight

[verse 7: tangg the juice]
hey yo, tangg’s the ruffneck with the tec hangin out the window
when they sleep on the t, smoke em like the endo
n-gg-s’ll know when i pull, the whole patrol drop pants
on your blocvk with the glock, n-gg-, that might be yo -ss
so yo, don’t ever call a n-gg- lazy
cause all the b.p.d. know we all crazy
cause everyday up in my hood it be the season for squeezin
trust me, we’ll be comin out the m-th-f-ckin legion

[verse 8: e-devious]
yo, we the legion, but they labelled us the g-ngb-ng thugs
who do nothin more than shoot sh-t and sell drugs
mad n-gg-s who do a lotta cursin
strapped down with automatics on they person
with att-tudes like: ‘i don’t give a f-ck about you
cause you don’t give a f-ck about me, gee’
that’s how it is, yo, sh-t don’t never be right
that’s why we cross a gun with a mic
so i ain’t makin friends, so f-ck sayin ‘what up’
cause i pull my pump, and then i blow your gut up
so watch it when you talk sh-t, cause if i flip
i be on some old _king of new york_ sh-t
and ain’t nothin nice about that
cause my crew is much deeper than top cat’s
huh, i’m e-devious, never leavin sh-t alone
word to doom, it’s comin from the legion, homes

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